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Want to learn how I read 100 books a year?

    Hi! I'm Ian Geckeler. I read 100 nonfiction books each year and share the best of what I learn! I'm also a Software Engineer at Hello Alfred. Previously Growth at CoEfficient Labs and B.S. Computational Math at USC. Follow me on on Twitter!

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  • How I Beat Carpal Tunnel, RSI, and Ulnar Nerve Pain

    Jul 12, 2020

    The story and tactics of how I cured my carpal tunnel and wrist RSI. If you don't have wrist pain from typing yet, you can learn exactly how to set up your workstation and what exercises to ensure you never develop problems. If you have extreme symptoms, I'll share the three things you can do right away that cut 90% of my pain and the steps you can take to regain your life. Let's dive right in.

    How to Go from 0 to 25K Twitter Followers in 1 Year

    Jul 03, 2020

    Daniel Vassallo built a twitter audience from scratch to his current level of 37K followers. Not to mention, he monetized his audience to the tune of $100K in a little over a year. Want to learn how he did it? Here are the top themes from his Twitter course.